Hazardous materials medical surveillance programs

Let our agents help. Highlights of our Hazardous Materials Medical Programs include:

hazmat medical
  • Cost-effective employee health programs reducing potential short & long term disability costs
  • ONE-STOP medical monitoring service minimizing time away from work
  • Flexibility & promptness in scheduling appointments within 48hrs
  • Worker protection standards for hazardous waste operations and emergency response(HAZWOPER) incorporated programs
  • Access to both female & male physicians

Detailed Job Related Medical Consultation

Your employee's clinic visit will include consultation with our physician who will provide the employee with information regarding hazmat exposures in addition to standard screening and laboratory tests that may include:

  • Personal health history & hazmat exposure questionnaire
  • Physical examination
  • Haematology panel and automated differential WCC
  • Complete blood chemistry including blood lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL,LDL, triglycerides)
  • Blood lead
  • Urinalysis
  • Hearing test (WCB audiogram if required)
  • Visual screening
  • Lung function testing

Cost-Effective & Convenient

Besides saving our clients time & money in providing all medical elements in our downtown facility and Langley operations, ProMedicals has an effective system in place keeping costs down for those often expensive blood analyses utilizing industry questionnaires and analysing worksite documentation.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Within 7-14 days (or when all test results have been received) a confidential personal letter is sent out to the patient that includes all results from the examination (positive and negative findings) as well as the examining physician's recommendations. At the same time, a Medical Evaluation Report is sent to you, the employer. This report outlines the employee's fitness to work in their current or required condition.

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